I am a writer of a popular young adult series, Central Park Story, but recently lost my usual editor. When it came to choosing a new editor, I had more than twenty choices from a pool of very experienced editors in my genre, but I finally chose Amanda West. Though she was new to the field of editing, the sample edit she did for me was as good as those of the more experienced editors. Plus, she demonstrated the kind of genuine enthusiasm and willingness to adapt to my needs that make for a great editor--not to mention her time sensitivity and professionalism. The relationship of an author with an editor is a delicate one that and grows and matures over time, and I feel that Amanda is the sort of person who is both willing and fully capable of not just going the distance but exceeding my expectations over time. If you have a need for an editor, I highly recommend that you work with Amanda West.

-R. Trout, author of the Central Park Story series

I’ve been tinkering with my first fiction book for a couple of years now, and have had it both professionally read, as well as read by friends.  The thing that impressed me most with Amanda’s skills is that she was able to pick up on things that had long been glanced over by a dozen other pair of eyes, but yet she picked issues that had been missed with great ease.  Even small details, like how the number of objects that I mentioned in one chapter had changed in the next, did not escape her review.  I’m extremely indebted to her skills, and know that my book is much better today now that she has edited it.  I very much look forward to working with Amanda again.

-Walter Hopgood, author of "Migration Beginnings"

I used to live for a few years in the US, but that didn't make me a native speaker. When I finished translating the book, it really needed someone to fix the various grammar and spelling errors in the text. I found Amanda after a quick search on the internet. She took on the job immediately and I was happy I found a native speaker who exhibited a strictly professional approach, and who agreed to fix the spelling and grammar errors in a book that fervently promotes religious ideas that she may or may not share entirely.

-Bogdan, author of "Dialogue with a Nonbeliever: About Science and the Limits of Knowledge, the Big Bang and Evolution, Ancient Christianity & Modern Heterodoxy"